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Worship Facilities & Non-Profits


Why do we give such large discounts to non-profit organizations? Because it's the right thing to do! Looking at it from our perspective, non-profits are out there in the 'trenches' doing great things for people and society in general. You have a great impact on the world we live in and we want to help. NetX™ can help reduce the size of the monthly checks written for energy consumption, thus freeing up more money to be put to good use.

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Save Energy Dollars & Put It To Use

You know you've seen it happen... over and over again. You walk into a room and it's so cold that you could use it as a walk-in cooler. Stop the madness with NetX™ network thermostat solutions. NetX™ allows you simple scheduling and lockout while allowing for temporary overrides for those unscheduled meetings, without the worry of units being left on for days with nobody in the area.

You do a lot for your community, and we'd like to return the favor. As a 'non-profit', you can receive special pricing not available to traditional DIY customers. We can help you work through what components you need and give you special discounts. Of course, in order to get the special discount, you'll have to supply your 501(c)(3) non-profit paperwork. This special pricing is only available if you do your own installation. While NetX systems are very easy to install, they may be 'over the head' of some organizations, and for those, we highly suggest you contact us so we can help you find the right contractor to install the system for you.