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Schools & Universities

Every NetX™ thermostat solution includes simultaneous accessibility from multiple connections. Why is this so important? Flexibility, and lots of it! Our technology architecture is truly unique in the industry, allowing connection from within your facility or a remote location using a PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone. Our XBus™ and StrongMesh™ platforms can utilize our NetX™ Command Center software, NetX-Web Cloud Suite, and can simultaneously be integrated with any Building Automation System (BAS) that supports the commercial industry standard BACnet environment. Same with our Wi-Fi and Ethernet solutions. Unlike others, there is never a requirement to use a 'cloud connection', but we have one if you want it! You're always in control of your environment. You can even schedule your parking lot lights, signage, and many other items with the NetX™ network relays.

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Portables Require Energy Management As Well

Control your portable buildings, a complete campus, or an entire district or university system

Facility Managers and Energy Managers in our schools continually juggle the dynamic scheduling of events, comfort, and optimizing utility savings.  Efficient schedulingoccupancy sensor controlscommercial lockoutssetpoint restrictions and global access features make it easy to Save Time, Save Money and Save Energy with any of the NetX™ solutions.

NetX™ Occupancy Sensors Simplify Your Scheduling:  The NetX™ ceiling and wall mount occupancy sensors are substantially different than anything you've probably seen... adjustable occupancy trigger times keep short entries and exits from a room (think evening janitorial service) from turning on the HVAC unnecessarily and adjustable minimum occupancy times manage HVAC equipment efficiently. With our unique combination of occupancy sensors and scheduling types, rooms can be pre-conditioned before teachers and students arrive and setback automatically on days without school. This can be accomplished without adjusting schedules every time there's a holiday, weather day, early release or even special evening events. Now that's convenient!

Integrate with your Building Automation System:  NetX™ solutions don't stop with our convenient self-contained products.  In addition to all of the features discussed above, it's easy to add a BACnet interface to any of the thermostat platforms.  Choose from our NetX™ Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) thermostats (ending with "-WIFI") or NetX™ StrongMesh™ (802.15.4) thermostats  (ending with "-SM") self-repeating network if Wi-Fi is 'spotty' or unavailable.